In the following paragraphs you will read my views on various issues. Some of my positions are liberal, some are moderate and some are conservative.  Whether you agree or disagree with my views, you can be assured that I will never duck a question or ignore comments from any person, and I will always provide an honest answer.  If you have an issue or concern not on this list, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

National Security

Government’s most fundamental responsibility is to protect its citizens. After serving twenty six years on the front lines of law enforcement with the Los Angeles Police Department, I understand the tremendous threat to our future. Now, as much as at any time in our history, we need to be vigilant and strong. My platform includes:

1.        Strengthen and maintain our military and police forces to keep us safe.

2.        Make sure the men and women serving us in uniform have the best equipment and training available.

3.        Eliminate government red tape and bureaucratic roadblocks that hamper our efforts to obtain new weapons and intelligence technology.

Border Security

Border security and national security are closely linked and America’s survival is dependent on securing our border.

My platform includes:

  1. I will uphold and support any LEGAL means of immigration.
  2. Expand legal immigration.
  3. Comprehensive immigration reform that considers the plight of many young undocumented aliens brought to the country by their parents and who know no other country.
  4. Stiffer penalties, including criminal penalties, for businesses that knowingly hiring undocumented aliens.


Reducing taxes on the middle class and small business is the best way to foster economic growth. We need to simplify the tax code and reform the Alternative Minimum Taxto protect working families. We also need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent for themiddle class and abolish the death tax.


Health Care

One of the greatest problems facing many families is the cost of health care. The affordable health care act, now the law, has three provisions that are appealing and necessary. Specifically, (1) coverage for pre-existing conditions; (2) coverage for young adults on their parents policy until age 26; (3) coverage for the 30 million persons that are now uninsured.


Social Security

Social Security is a trust between the government and its people. When the government “borrows” Social Security funds for other programs, it is breaking that trust. In order to make sure Social Security is preserved and protected, we need to give younger workers just entering the system more options while maintaining current benefits for seniors. We need to remove the cut-off point that prohibits the collection of social security payments when income exceeds $106,800.  The simple truth is that higher income earners enjoy the benefit of their higher income and once they exceed the cut-off amount, they enjoy a 6.2% percent increase in net income by virtue of their already higher income; this is not an equal and fair system.


The federal government has no business poking its nose into our local schools, telling parents and teachers what is best for our kids. No child left behind is a failure that must be eliminated. Locally, teachers and other education professionals, not the federal government are in the best position to determine what is appropriate for the education of our youth. Our public schools suffer from too much bureaucracy that eats up resources. We need more resources in the classroom, where they will do the most good.  


A woman’s right to choose is the law and must not be subject to extremist views and attacks. Religion based politics and legal challenges are basic violations of our Constitution.

Civil Rights

All persons must have full and equal rights under the law. Laws that discriminate for or against one group are improper and must be challenged. This is not to say that outcome must be equal; opportunity must be equal.


Labor is the economic engine that drives the country. A strong and stable work force with access to jobs and benefits strengthens the country and is the back bone of a vibrant middle class and strong economy. Whether in the public or private sector, the right of labor to organize and collectively bargain must be protected, especially in today’s economic environment wherein labor is under attack on all sides.


Our nation needs to adopt a policy of Fair Trade that encourages the development of overseas markets, while protecting our industry and workers from unfair competition from countries like China, that flood our market with inferior, sometimes dangerous products produced in near-slave labor conditions.

2nd Amendment

I believe the 2nd Amendment is clear and that government should pass no law that restricts the right of any law-abiding citizen to purchase, own and legally use firearms.


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